The Truth Shall Set You Free . . . Or Not

Since the truth came out, we’ve noticed that our kids’ behavior has changed in some pretty interesting ways.

Our son, who went from 5 to 8 years old overnight, has had much improved behavior. Dramatically. While we were having daily temper tantrums, multiple pouting episodes, and a not-so-subtle power struggle, those things have, well, disappeared. He did pout one time, for which he was sent to his room to think about his attitude. Ordinarily, being sent to his room would have resulted in a violent outburst. This week, he went, he cried a little, and then he changed his attitude and came out smiling and giggling at supper time.

Our daughter, who went from 4 to 6, has not been so appreciative of the change. While we hadn’t really focused on working with her academically, we are now pushing her like we have been pushing her brother. She does not like to learn, or be held accountable. But we are treating her like a six-year-old, and that’s uncomfortable. We’re treading on thin ice because we know she is developmentally delayed in her motor skills, and we are not sure yet about her intelligence. I don’t want to push her beyond her capability, but I was able to teach her to write her name in only 30 minutes with merely the promise of a bubble bath. (She’s not even been writing her letters.)

The giggly little girl who used her dimpled smile to get whatever she wants is now a happy, but pretty normal, little girl. Her attention has improved, she has learned much in the last week, but there is still some sadness in her eyes that she doesn’t get to stay four years old.

Aren’t we all a little sad that we’re not allowed to stay four years old?


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